Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nut Roll

The following is a favorite Christmas recipe in our family. It can be made ahead several weeks and kept in refrigerator. The recipe makes three logs but you can make into smaller ones, if desired. They make great gifts and can be wrapped in pretty tissue paper and tied on the ends. My mother has to make one for my brother-in-law every year. I do not like raisins but I love this. You can't really tell it is raisins because of the nuts.


1 box graham crackers (leave out 1 cup to roll in)
1 box white raisins
3 cups pecans
1 lg bag marshmallows (not miniature)
1 can Eagle Brand condensed milk


1. Melt condensed milk and marshmallows over very low heat in a large pan -just enough to melt marshmallows. The pan needs to be big enough to add all ingredients.

2. Add everything else except the cup of crumbs set aside to roll in. Mix together quickly because it will start to set.

3. Place extra crumbs on wax paper and divide into 3 rolls. Butter hands and shape into 3 logs and roll into excess crumbs. Keep in refrigerator.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


This is going to be a site that will contain all my best Christmas recipes and ideas for decorating and time saving tips. I have a large selection of tried and true family recipes that are the absolute best you will ever taste. Today I am just setting up so please keep checking back. I will start adding ideas and recipes soon. It is always best to get an early start on the holidays.